Stop guessing

Instant pan temperatures at a glance

Burnometer displays pan and air temperature in the device and in your phone or tablet. You can also decide if you want to see the curve graph or just the value. 

Always the same, always delicious

Ensure consistency among all your dishes.

Both at home and at the professional kitchen, uniformity among all your dishes is crucial. Burnometer can record your cooking profiles to ensure that every time, no matter who cooks, it is always the same.

Cook with data

To regain control over your pan

It is common to see terms such as medium heat or high heat in cooking, but sometimes that is not enough information. Experienced cooks know how hot do they need their pan by the sizzeling of oil, the reaction of the droplets of water… 

Nothing is as clear as a specific number.

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About us...

The team

Pieter Rosseel

Product Designer

He takes care of the prototyping of the Hardware and the Software of Burnometer

Niobe Alonso

Product Designer

She is in charge of the User Experience, Social Media Management and Client Support.

But... Why Burnometer?

Our story began in 2015 during an Erasmus in Antwerp. We became good friends… always around food.

Cooking together (2015)

We became more than friends and moved together in Belgium where we kept practising our culinary skills.

In 2018 we moved to Spain and started our own design and prototyping company, 4 Lines. Since then we have been helping people making their ideas come alive.

However, our dream was to bring our own ideas to market. We looked for the “perfect” idea: something we could make ourselves, we needed to be passionate about it…

Maybe it was a smoky pan or a disappointing meal that made us think about the lack of control of the cooking pan. Sick of recipes that ask you to heat your pan “medium-high”, or “heat until hot” we decided to mix our passion for cooking and product design.

We decide to create Burnometer


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