Be patient

Burnometer will let you know when your pan is ready

Pan temperature is crucial for searing, crispy skins, or perfect golden crepes from beginning to end. Burnometer will check the pan temperature that is optimal for the dish that you want to cook and will notify you when the pan is ready. 

Never burnt!

No more surprises when opening the lid

Distractions are everywhere, and when you expect it least, your meal is burnt. This has not only consequences for your palette but also for your health. Burnometer software analyses the temperature curvature to warn you before it gets burn.

Get your recipes right

Download the profiles of your favourite chefs!

Burnometer will not only help you improving your cooking skills but also using the same cooking techniques of your favourite cooks. A library of recipes will be available for download. 

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Cook with data

Burnometer shows pan temperature and automatic timers that activate when you introduce your food in the pan.

Never burn your food

Thanks to A.I. Burnometer will warn you when your pan is heating too much or too fast with an alarm in the device and your phone.

Guided cooking

In your app you can find recipes with a downloadable profile that will help you cooking step by step ensuring that your timings and pan temperature are perfect.

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