Can you imagine if cooking was a game?

That was our inspiration!

Games warn us before something bad happens and give us precious feedback to ensure that we are doing things right.

Warning when it gets too hot, color to indicate perfect temperatures. 

Ready to start?


Temperature in sight

Burnometer measures the pan surface temperature and the temperature of the medium (air, water, oil…)

You can check it in your device or on the Burnometer at all times!


Don’t burn your food ever again! Burnometer and your phone will warn you when you pan becomes too hot so you can remove it from the stove and avoid burning your meal… or worst.

The right cooking range

The color of the temperature will change color indicating if your pan is too cold or too hot. This range will depend on what you are cooking.


For the perfect meal you need to know both the temperature and the time. The app will have all the information you need to make the perfect dish in one place.

And more to come!

Predictable emergency alarm

This alarm will warn you before the pan gets too hot so you can correct your stove setting before the temperature spikes.

Complete cooking guide

Can you imagine having recipes in your phone with temperatures and timings? That is our goal.

Cooking profile recording

From your favourite chef to grannies, record and duplicate the way they cook.

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