Always the same

Always delicious

Ensure repeatability and quality control of all your dishes. The pan heat is difficult to measure purely with our senses. With Burnometer you can measure the pan temperature and the air temperature to make sure it is always the same.

Record your profiles

Two cooks, same dish

Record the way you cook different dishes in your own database. Burnometer will give information and feedback to your cooks to make sure their dish is like yours. This can be helpful for new personnel or students.

Master timings

Everything ready at the same time

Burnometer can detect when you put the food in the pan or turn it. If you have multiple and your dishes are recorded it can help you ensuring that all the different components of a dish or table are ready at the same time.

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Measure and learn

Burnometer allows you to play with more data to improve and explore new cooking skills. Other cooking methods allow you to control the temperature perfectly, but it is the weak point of a pan. Until now. 

Sync recipes

Record the temperatures and timings of the different components of a dish and Burnometer will assist you during the while cooking to ensure that all are ready at the same time.

Record profiles

Record how you cook your signature dish to make sure that all your cooks know how to do it exactly. You can also share it with other Burnometer users!

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